A View From The Oppo – Farnborough

Ahead of our meeting with Farnborough in our first home game of the season, we once again speak to ‘The Boro Walk’ who give us their assessment of how their pre-season has gone and their hopes for the season.

How did your preseason go?

We seemed to have retained the majority of last season’s squad. Our player of the season, Cumberbatch, went to Dover.

Most notable signing so far is probably Chris Flood, a striker who was at Slough for the last couple of seasons. Obviously he turned his ankle in the final PSF, so nobody knows if he’ll be in contention for the start of the season or not. 

We beat Sandhurst, Kingstonian, Merstham and Leatherhead. Didn’t beat Badshot Lea, Walton & Hersham, Woking or Knaphill. 

Are you feeling confident heading into the new season?

Sure, why not. If we don’t have hope, what are we left with? Well, bitterness and sarcasm mainly.

And what are your hopes for Farnborough this season?

Settled squad, cup run, playoffs. Not losing any games by 5 or more. It’s got to happen eventually.

Which of your players are you most excited about this season?

Bryan the Akongo. Another of our new signings, young midfielder, had a good preseason.

What away day are you looking forward to going to most?

Blackfield & Langley. Literally no idea where it is. New ground. Lovely stuff.

Tip for the title?

Definitely the team that wins the most points. Taunton maybe, if Truro don’t get their crap together in quick time.

Who will be the dark horse of the league this year?


Score prediction?

2-1 ‘Boro

You’re starving and have exactly £3 in your pocket.  What’s your meal deal? 

Apparently we’re going with KFC for a snack box and 2 hot wings.