A View From The Oppo – Weston-super-Mare

Ahead of our game against Weston-super-Mare this weekend, we spoke to Seagulls fan Rhys Gregory for this weeks View From The Oppo.

Tell us about yourself
My first game I went to watch Weston was about 2007 , I would have been about 13, my dad would take me whenever he could. I started going to every home game in the 16/17 season. I try to go to as many away games as I possibly can. I love going to support Weston for the camaraderie with our supporters, I’ve gained real friends from going to football and also I really believe in supporting your local side.  Football isn’t a game on the PS4 or something you only watch on the sofa.

You suffered your first relegation in the club’s history last season, what are your aims for the club this season?  Are you expecting to bounce back at the first attempt?
Last season was horrendous; I think National League South is our level as a club, we shouldn’t always be struggling to stay up every season as well. We have the quality of the manager and players with the mix of experience and promising youth to get promoted in my opinion.  It’s nice to go to game for a change and actually be a favourite for it 

What’s changed since last season?  Has there been an overhaul in playing staff or are you largely still intact?
A winning mentality and looking like they want to wear the shirt. It looks like the players really want to be here and achieve at the club. With experienced heads we have throughout the side that’ve played at a higher level, I think they’re passing on their experience and their winning mentality to the young players we have and we have a really young squad to be fair so that’s good.  If we were 2-0 to Hendon last season we would have lost and given up, but it feels like we have a mentality of never giving up and I love that.

We’ve had a near enough complete overhaul, the only players that did stay deserved another chance. It’s nice to have a new squad who look determined to win games.
You’ve had a great start to the season including a great win at Truro and are currently unbeaten, where do the strengths in the team lie?
We have ridden our luck in some games, Merthyr away springs to mind. One of our main strengths I feel is we have a lot of players that are versatile, so if needed we can change our formation a lot to whatever scenario we are in.  We are a really athletic team with strength at the back and real pace and trickery in the attacking positions.

But we do have a quality from back to front and a team who’s hungry to win.

I don’t think we have had a full 90 mins of playing well, so it’s exciting knowing we can only get better.

Which of your players are you most excited about this season?
Nick McCootie for me, he’s been here for a few months and it feels like he has Weston hero status alread. Lethal in the box, can hold up the ball and is really athletic. We didn’t really have anyone like that last season that was consistent; it’s good to have someone who can lead the line for us. He seems like a really nice guy as well.

Who will be the dark horse of the league this season?
Tivvy have surprised some people I think, but when you look at some of the quality they’ve signed from local teams it’s not a surprise. I expect Gosport to be up there near the end of the season, they’ve signed some real experience and have loaned a few in from Havant.

What away day are you looking forward to most?
Even though last year was awful with being relegated was awful, it’s given the traveling fans an opportunity to visit new grounds this season.  I’d have to say Taunton Town away on Boxing Day could be a tasty one as it’s a local one. 

What can we expect from the travelling support?
Our numbers are slowly rising with the success this team is having so far. I have to say I have so much respect for our fans that don’t miss a game, and there’s a couple who never miss a game.

We will probably have “more flags than fans”

We always get behind the boys.

Score prediction?
0-2 to us unfortunately for you, with the Casuals looking for the first points of the season, I think we will have to be on it, to break you down.  We just need to be patient.

Tip for the title?
Weston or Truro.

Favourite crisps?
No Pombears No Party.