A View From The Oppo – Truro City

This weekend we make our longest trip of the season as we head down to Cornwall to face table-toppers Truro City.  Ahead of the game, we got the thoughts of TCFC fans Cameron Weldon and Sam Jose about their season so far.

Tell us about yourself
Cameron My name’s Cameron Weldon, a freelance sports journalist who is currently studying sports journalism at Falmouth University in Cornwall. I’ve supported Truro City for 13 years now. It’s been quite the ride!

Sam –  My name is Sam Jose and I have been a Truro city fan since 2007 and go to a few home games when I can and I’m not really part of any groups at the moment but there is a supporters group at the club.

You were relegated last season, it’s probably safe to assume your hopes for this season were to bounce straight back and it’s looking good at the moment at the top of the league.  How would you summarise your season up to now?
CameronI think Truro will definitely be a serious contender this season. I’ve been really impressed with the performance levels from the whole squad so far this season and that is showing in our results. I know they’ll be other teams who’ll cause us problems this year but I’m confident we can get promoted this season.

Sam – We had a great start to the season and winning games is a massive positive unlike last season when we had to travel to Torquay most games – Would hope we would go straight up fingers crossed…

Which of your players should we be looking out for this weekend?
Cameron – Think that’s one we’ll keep to ourselves but as a warning we have a very talented squad from the goalkeeper all the way to the strikers. Plenty of names to be wary off.

Sam – Players to look out for our Tyler Harvey our top goal scorer this season and definitely James Hamon who has kept Truro in games with some brilliant saves.

We’re not used to travelling this sort of distance, but you must be well used to it now having had to go even further in the National South.  Do you think it has an effect over the course of the season, especially in winter, when you’re having to leave at 5 or 6am for some away games?
Cameron Of course it’s a factor but I don’t think we’ll ever use it as an excuse for losing. It’s something players have to get used to if they want to play for Truro City. The travelling isn’t always easy but it can work in our favour with other teams not being used to such journeys having to come to us.

Sam – Some of the players are used to traveling theses long distance specially after being in conference south last season and the Truro City fans always back the team traveling to away games on our little bus, you can’t fault the commitment from them.

What away day are you looking forward to most?
Cameron That’s an easy one for me, the answer is always Tiverton Town. Really friendly club with some great people there. Lovely little ground and is also believe it or not our local derby, so is always a fixture to look forward too.

Sam – Poole town, because they are a very good side.

How do you see the game going this weekend?
Cameron No game in this league is easy, and I’m not expecting an easy game on Saturday. It’s a long journey down for you guys but both teams are going into the game off the back of wins last weekend so confidence will be high. Hopefully an exciting game of football

What can the travelling support expect from Treyew Road?
Cameron It’s a rather basic ground, as we are waiting for our new stadium to be built but that doesn’t mean your supporters won’t enjoy the experience. We’ll make everyone welcome.

Sam – Great friendly people around the ground and decent Cornish beer and food.

Any recommendations for where to go on Friday/Saturday night for those making a weekend of it?
Cameron There’s plenty of bars and pubs in Truro to enjoy, would also recommend trying a Cornish pasty too.

Sam – Bunters is a good nice pub and night club as well and the office.

Score prediction
Cameron – I don’t really predict results as 9/10 I get it wrong but I can’t see there being much in it. 

Sam –  3-1 Truro

Tip for the title?  If Truro, who do you see your main competitor to be?
Cameron I’ll always back my team, but we know it’s not going to be easy. I feel any team out of Chesham, Tiverton, Taunton, Poole or ourselves can all win it so all to play for. I personally feel it’s too early to call.

Favourite crisps?
CameronHaha good question. I’m a big fan of smoky bacon but you can’t go wrong with the classic ready slated or cheese and onion.

Sam – Cheese and onion.