A View From The Oppo – Met Police

Ahead of our derby fixture against Met Police tomorrow night, we got some views from Met fan Colin, who runs the Follow The Trawler Twitter account.

Tell us about yourself
Where to start! I run a Twitter account called Follow The Trawler and I was a Groundhopper until a cold night in early October last year when I went to Imber Court to watch the FA Cup replay against Tiverton and, I know it sounds cheesy, but felt like I had found my place. My family have ties to non-league footy going back to the 50’s so I am really enjoying being involved with the club with the football programmes and live tweeting of games which I started doing officially this season.

You went so close to Step 2 football last season but the strange rules around promotion meant you missed out. You’ve lost a few good players but have brought in some decent replacements. What are your expectations this season having done so well last time around?
Last year was so amazing for everyone involved that sometimes it is hard to keep perspective but the fact remains that 5 of the starting players in that ‘Super’ (and I use that word loosely) Play Off have now left the club so there is a lot of rebuilding, but we are getting there and I genuinely believe we will be pushing for the play-offs again.

We had three great games between us last season. Do you see this as a rivalry now or is the respect between the two teams just a bit too good to make it feel like a proper derby game?
There is a strong respect for sure but there is always that little edge with us being in such close proximity. I think mostly though it is a match for bragging rights between fans rather than a blood & thunder type affair right now.

You had a fantastic result on Saturday, not many teams will go to Salisbury and get a point, let alone a 3-1 win. It leads onto a question posed by many as to how you managed to hang on to Jack Mazzone this summer. Just how important is he to you and how did you see the performance at Salisbury?
In my opinion Mazza is the best forward in the division. His eye for goal and hold up play is fantastic and I have little doubt he had many offers to go elsewhere during pre-season but he decided to stay and as a fan I couldn’t be happier. He put in a vintage performance at the weekend against Salisbury where he bagged a brace but the entire team was immense from back to front. No-one in the division would have beat us on that afternoon’s performance.

Which of your players are you most excited about this season?
There are two. The first is Ayoub Assal who is currently on loan from AFC Wimbledon. He is quick, direct, skillful and will not be bullied by anyone. Every time he gets the ball something could happen. The other is a pre-season signing who is injured at the moment, Kai Hamilton. He came from CB Hounslow and he pace and trickery on the wing is great to watch. Can’t wait until he is back and fit and fighting for his place again.

Who will be the dark horse of the league this season?
I didn’t expect to say this but I think Tiverton are in with a shout. They seem to have recruited well and started the season in a positive fashion. The Taunton result was a blip but they bounced back well at the weekend with a dominant win over Hartley Wintney. 

What away day are you looking forward to most?
Other than yourselves? Probably Merthyr in all honesty. I have a healthy respect for football history and remember reading about Merthyr Tydfill and those amazing European nights. From that perspective alone that trip excites me.

Score prediction?
2-0 to The Met, Luke Robertson getting on the scoresheet.

Tip for the title?
It’s between two for me but I will go with Truro (the other being Poole). They have been the only team to really outplay us this season in my opinion and they looked really solid across the whole team.

Favourite crisps?
Scampi & Lemon Nik Naks of course! Anyone who says different is just wrong.