A View From The Oppo – Hendon

Ahead of tonight’s game at Hendon, we got the views of Jatin Guntapalli on Hendon’s season so far.

Tell us about yourself?
I’m a very new supporter of Non-league football, only recently getting involved and watching football outside the top 4 leagues; but I’m loving every minute of it. Originally I’m a Brentford fan, but I’ve currently started to volunteer for Hendon since the end of pre-season. I’m a member of the Hendon Supporters Trust/Association. Even though I’m a fairly new member of the Hendon family, I’ve been welcomed with open arms.

What were your aims at the start of the season and have they changed after the first two months?
After coming near mid-table last season, The expectations were to build on last season and cement an upper half of the table finish to cement in the league. Now, I believe our expectations are to avoid relegation and climb as high as we can.

You’ve had a poor start to the season, losing your last six in the league. How do you see the first few weeks of the season from a Hendon perspective?  
From our perspective, it’s been poor. A mix of things has left everyone at the club disappointed and down, nothing seems to be going our way and if we don’t fix it soon, we could face relegation.

Which of your players are you most excited about this season?
We have had a few player arrivals/departures this season but for me, it’s our goalkeeper Chris Grace. An odd choice considering how many weve conceded but hes been quality for us in goal and I hope he continues his great performances. 

What away day are you looking forward to most?
Again, I’m fairly new to the league so I’m looking forward to any away day I can make!

How do you see the game going tonight?
I see this being the game where we can lift our spirits and kick on, with Walton being 16th, they have not had a great start to the league so hopefully, we can put in a big shift. Our second half vs Truro showed our hard we can work. 

What can the travelling support expect from Silver Jubilee Park?
You can expect to see all the brilliant work that goes down at SJP, we may not play the best football but we have one of the best community clubs in the Country. Everyone at SJP works hard on a daily basis to uphold all the community projects we carry out to support things like mental health, dementia etc. You will also get to have a chat with the people who work effortlessly for the club including the various volunteers and the board, who are all so friendly and brilliant. If you look at Old SJP photos and the current ones, you’ll be amazed with the development.

Score prediction?
I’m going to go with 2-0, I feel like this game will be the game we get the vital win and kick on.

Tip for the title?
Salisbury for me, they looked like a complete team and will definitely be the ones to beat for me.

Favourite crisps?
Walkers Prawn Cocktail, amazing!

A big thanks to Jatin for answering our questions.  If anyone else would like to do a View From The Oppo for us this season, please get in touch.