A View From The Opposition – Farnborough Town

Following a break of ten days, we’re finally back in league action on Saturday as we head to Farnborough Town for a game between two sides that are separated by just one point and one place in the table.
We got the views of some Farnborough fans in the lead up to this game and spoke to The Boro Walk, who gave us an honest assessment of their feelings.
Tell us about yourself.
We’re a small band of long standing/suffering (delete as appropriate) ‘Boro supporting 30 somethings who’ve been regularly coming along since the early 90’s. We took to Twitter 2 years ago, for a bit of a laugh, and it’s snowballed into us becoming the premium social media critiques for all things Spencer Day Farnborough. Comedy, outrage, history, photoshops galore… we do the lot.
What were your aims for the club at the beginning of the season?  And now we’re approaching the midway point, have those aims changed?
God, the beginning of the season seems a lifetime ago. I’d say, as seasoned realists, we were hoping for a comfortable mid table finish with a side serving of playoff chasing and a bit of a cup run. That and a settled squad. Now we’re approaching the midway point? Well we’ve used nearly 50 players and were out of all cups by the end of October! Our aim is to stop being routinely crap and to drag ourselves out of a relegation battle as fast as possible! Oh, and a settled side and a new manager wouldn’t go amiss either.
With a period of financial instability which has seen you get relegated and promoted a few times in recent years, what’s the future looking like now for Farnborough?
Where do we start?  The club is indeed functioning as a self sufficient business, living within its means etc. We also have a frankly ridiculously nice stadium, as you’ll see when you visit, and a small group of dedicated volunteers allowing the club to function smoothly on matchdays. Unfortunately, we’re in a situation whereby our manager, Spencer Day, is running the whole operation from top to bottom. Yes, you guessed it, he’s untouchable as he’s not going to sack himself no matter how bad results get. Post match interviews have stopped this season, fans forums are no longer offered up, the attendances are at an all time low, we’re barely given any squad updates, the quality of football has been poor once again (2nd worse defensive record in the league) and the club hierarchy have a habit of scoring huge PR own goals. Throw into that the stupidly high turnover of players and the future is far from bright.
Despite a relatively good start this season, you’ve lost 8 of your last 11 league games.  What do you put that down to? (May seem like an obvious question, i.e. we’ve been shit but any way to elaborate would be good!)
We started well and the side appeared to be taking shape. The chopping and changing soon started though and it’s been a slippery slope since then. We seem to have developed a habit of our defenders making comedy errors, looking like we have no midfield and resorting to the long ball way too quickly. We’re like the tragi-comedy that Shakespeare wishes he’d got to write basically. 
Highlight of the season so far?
Simple one that… a win over Weymouth when they came to visit back at the start of September. They were pissing on everyone coming into the game and we were 3-1 down at HT. A monumental 2nd half come back ensued with us running out 4-3 winners.

Who’s been your player of the season so far, in your opinion?

Our player of the season, to this point, was a young midfielder called Luke Robertson who is now back at Met Police. So not of much interest to you lot Saturday, sorry! You can consider that as free scouting for when you play them boxing day though.

How do you see the game going on Saturday?  Do you know much about Walton Casuals, any players of ours that you’ve heard about?

Well, we have kept one clean sheet all season (in all comps!) so if you don’t manage to get on the scoresheet, you’re doing something wrong! That said, at time of writing, we do have players capable of doing damage, if they turn up, so who knows.  I don’t think we’ve ever played each other before have we?  In terms of players of yours that we know… Your current player of the month, Jack Battie, has had a couple of spells with us (including an early season trial this season IIRC).  We’re also very familiar with Dan Bennett. The “Marmite Man”, as he came to be known, developed a love/hate relationship with our fuhrer across 4 seasons.  Think he might even have scored the first goal of the Spencer Day regime 7 years ago.

One Farnborough player for us to look out for?

We’ve a young winger on loan from Woking by the name of Reggie Young. He bagged a hat trick at Beaconsfield 2 weeks ago and looks pretty useful with the ball at his feet. Obviously he’ll have an absolute mare now we’ve said that, presuming he’s still with us! 

What’s the ground and facilities/bar like, for any Walton fans that may not have been to Cherrywood Road before?

You’ll rarely find better facilities at this level. We’ve a decent bar, club shop and tea bar to go with our borderline comical massive stand behind one of the goals. You may say a 7000 capacity stadium is overkill for 200 fans…. and we’d probably agree, but here we are! When the stand was first started, the business plan was a lot different!

Score prediction?  

It could be anything. Let’s be conservative. 4-4.

A big thanks to The Boro Walk lads for their honest views, you can follow them at The Boro Walk on Twitter.   Here’s hoping for a good game Saturday.