Club Officials

Walton Casuals Football Club – Officials and Contacts

Chairman – Tony Gale

President Jonathan Pearce

Chief Advisor – Stewart Lawson

Vice Chairman – Paul Saunders

Vice President/General Manager – Duncan Saunders [email protected]

Club Secretary Lorraine Buckley [email protected]

Club Treasurer – John Butler

Commercial Director – Doug McClelland

Strategic Planning – Raymond Hole

Head of Media – Position vacant

Assistant Media – Sam Saunders

Programme EditorLorraine Buckley [email protected]

Matchday Coordinator – Duncan Saunders

Boardroom Manager – Ray Tanner

Marketing – Alex Warner

Club Photographer – Steve Duddy

Matchday AssistantsDarren Buckley, Sam Saunders, Maisie Buckley, Alex Warner, Angey Payne, John Poulter