A View From The Opposition – Kings Langley

Tomorrow’s game is of huge importance to both sides, with Kings Langley battling against Poole for the final play-off place and ourselves fighting for our lives at the other end of the table.

In our penultimate View From The Oppo, we spoke once again to Langley fan Danny Knights (@dannyk4411).  We first spoke to Danny prior to our New Year’s Day defeat at Langley, where we went down by a solitary goal.  Now we see what his thoughts are as we get to the end of the campaign.

The last time we spoke, you said your aim at the start of the season was to survive.  You’re now on the cusp of the play-offs, what’s been the main reason for such an impressive season?

I think the main reason is our team bonding. We have not had much movement around the squad this season, and when new players have come in, they have been made welcome, and part of the team even if they are short spell loans. Especially when we have long away days, the fans travel with the players, and everybody gets on so well, they player come and talk to you, you play games, it makes the boring part of an away day fun. Even on the way back after losing, we still have a good time. It’s very rare you will see players arguing with each other on the field.

You seem to have the ‘easier’ run in compared to Poole on paper.  Are you confident of being in that top five come Saturday?

I think we can do it, Poole have 2 really good sides in Weymouth and Met Police. They’re not easier fixtures, but I wouldn’t put it past them to get a result against them. We need to focus on our football and give ourselves the best chance possible. 

Hand on heart, can you go up?

No. Looking at some of the teams going in it, having to win 3 games in a row against top, top teams, I can’t really see us winning the whole thing. I think we might be able to get into the 2nd round, but not the super final. 

You edged us out on New Year’s Day in what in all honesty was a pretty poor game of football.  How do you see the return fixture going?

It wasn’t the best game. I think our goal was probably a foul as well, so you were very unlucky in that sense. With this being the penultimate game of the season, both teams have real purpose coming into them. You are fighting for survival and we are pushing for the final spot in the play-offs. It will be a fast-moving game, and their will be lots of passion throughout the game, from supporters and players. I understand that you play on an artificial surface, and that does usually give teams a bigger home advantage than usual. However, I think we will be able to deal with it and play our usual football. This one will hopefully be more exciting.

Your player of the season, in your view?

Just like last time I did this, Jorell. He loves this club, and he shows when he plays. He will do whatever he can to make sure teams don’t score. He has started every league match this season and I can’t remember him ever being subbed off. It’s his passion and enthusiasm that makes this club what it his. He is a true role model for younger players, and an absolutely quality player.

The stand out moment of your season?

88th Minute winner away to Salisbury. Absolute screamer into the top corner from about 30 yards out. Players, managers, fans and even the directors went crazy. 

What can we expect from the travelling fans?

I know that we will be bringing a few. I think that when we play away, we create a really good atmosphere. And if we win, well you better make sure your bar is fully stocked.

Score prediction?


Favourite chocolate bar?




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